The Sun Salute: Foundation Series Episode 1

Episode 1: The Sun Salute – VSCK Foundation Series


Please welcome Juhn and Wendy to the VSCK family!

Juhn and Wendy flow in the pendulum practicing 1 and 2 strikes for the first time. We’ll call this the before picture! 🙂

Knife Training and Flow

The VSCK style of Filipino Martial Arts knife training demonstrated here by instructors Greg Manalo and Jay Jasper Pugao showcases the “2nd Flow”, of the one of the ‘three’ types of flow within the pendulum. In the 2nd flow, the ‘players’ are within range easily accessing the ‘2nd points’ which is the knees and elbows, whereas the ‘first flow’ where the fighters/players are in a further range accessing only the ‘tips’ or the wrist and foot/feet or the ‘third flow’ where the range is closest, here the players can easily reach the ‘third points’ like the shoulders/head and hips/body area as bigger targets.

The fighters/players A and B are here are ‘giving and receiving’, free-styling the 17 strikes and guiding away slices, pokes, and cuts trying to evade cleanly with no contact (in a more realistic knife fight usually all it take is one cut/slice/poke). The artists like fighter/ player A then sets up fighter/ player B to look for openings for themselves while proactively ‘opening up for his own angles and defense’ to set up player B, their opponent, to commit so player A can then react, evade, and then attack with a strike/slice/poke to disable player B.

We hope this video can be helpful for your flow and pendulum in practice and in theory.

Maraming Salamat po.