Class: 021512

My goodness! We had a big class today! Much love to everyone who came out tonight! I had a lot of fun!! We didn’t cover material I anticipated but instead we reviewed last weeks lesson. The teacher is also the student! I learned that at times I give too much information. Thank you to all the students for the reflection. Gotta dial it back a bit. Regardless, everyone had a great time!


17 Strikes

Inside Blocks / Payong Blocks

Identifying 3 strike follow up after blocks

For the advanced folks:

Pandol / Fulcrum Strikes

That’s it! We’ll continue building on this material as well as mounting onto the Pendulum of course. Folks liked the idea of Jasper and I shooting video of the material each week so we’ll start posting that up for your homework and review. Thanks again everyone, especially our new friends! We’ll see you next week!


4 comments on “Class: 021512

  1. I was grateful for the review! I don’t get to practice enough between classes so the review helps me a lot! Loving this class! I think it’s exactly what I need, personally, and I’m so happy to have so many solid, good people in the studio. Happy to build with y’all!

    Speaking of practice, I have an informal “class” on Friday’s @ 4-5:30. It’s actually my personal work out. So, it will include some kick your butt conditioning with martial artists in mind (doing some pilates in a way that martial artists really need to be exposed to and working it out on the TRX among other things) and it’s when I will practice my eskrima. If you come, we will definitely practice some eskrima!

    I know. 4pm on Fridays kinda sucks for everyone but me. But if you can, roll through!

  2. More:
    My favorite learnings from the day
    – Franz helping me feel which muscles to use for those temple shots with a name I don’t know how to spell 🙂
    – another woman in class!!
    – how step to the outside
    – Franz switching grips
    – sparing with J
    – watching sifu mike with everyone
    – that I didn’t miss all of the footwork at the beginning

  3. Hey Kendal,
    The temple shots were angles 10 & 11, if you look at the chart of the 17 strikes Ken put up on our facebook group. The name your probably thinking of is “abaniko” or fan/fanning strikes with the oblique or flat side of the stick.

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